Welcome to the Leaky Bladder!

Welcome to Leaky Bladder Solutions! Here is where we can and will talk all things leaks and what tips and tricks to manage them. Leakage is a common problem but not something that we need to live with anymore. And we need to start talking about it. There is no shame in leaking, only in trying to cover it up and pretend it doesn't happen. 

It does happen. To a lot of us. Often. Regularly. If you are a woman age 30-70 or a man (post-prostatectomy surgery), it's most likely you've experienced some type of leakage. And small or large...they are all embarrassing. 

You do have a choice. You can wear pads, or fancy underwear with pads in them that will work to contain your leaks but...wouldn't you rather take back control?! Not have to worry about leaks anymore? This is where we can help!

Read on and lets keep talking!

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