Don’t Cover It, CURE IT!

In the last decade we've witnessed a surge in demand for products designed to help with incontinence. This increased demand has resulted in a surge of new products being introduced into the market.

One of the most notable industries benefiting from the increase in demand is adult diapers. The Bloomberg Report predicts that adult diaper products aimed not at seniors or babies, but mostly at middle aged women, could overtake the baby diaper market in the next decade. Growth in the adult diaper market is currently outpacing that of every other paper based household staple in the U.S. And Euromonitor International forecasts a 48% increase in sales in the category.

While incontinence has always been very important issue, the stigma attached means that it's not openly discussed. In the recent past, we started to see a host of celebrities opening up about their personal struggles with incontinence. To capitalize, we witnessed a number of major personal care companies releasing aggressive marketing campaigns that used the message that incontinence is not a big deal. That it's a normal part of life and ageing. But it is a big deal. And it's not normal.

Obviously there are commercial factors at play. The product push and aggressive marketing campaigns are aimed at making us believe that it is normal to suffer from incontinence. ‘Accept it as a reality of life and buy the products to cover it’ the message implies. 

But this approach to incontinence is not helpful. Let’s face it, wearing adult diapers is embarrassing, demoralizing, and downright insulting. Particularly if you are active and healthy in all other aspects of your life. We don't want a band-aid solution. We want to get to the root of the problem and treat the cause not the symptoms.

We cannot stress enough the fact that while common, bladder leakage IS NOT NORMAL. It is possible to gain control of your bladder. So let's kill the stigma attached to incontinence, start talking, and start taking control!


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Adapted from TensCare Ltd. - the makers of the Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

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