Bladder problems and menopause/menstruating

Unsure whether or not to continue using your pelvic floor exerciser when it's "that time of the month"?

Absolutely! During menstruation you can (and should) stick to you regular course of treatment. Bladder leaks don't take a break just because you start menstruating. You actually may find that you leak more during your period due to pressure from the bloating.

If you continue using your Pelvic floor exerciser while menstruating, you will need to clean the probe more thoroughly. Wash in warm soapy water as usual, but do not immerse the probe in water. 

Bladder problems after menopause

As if the hot flashes and mood swings weren’t enough, many of us going through menopause start experiencing more episodes of urinary incontinence. A decrease in estrogen is to blame as it initiates a thinning and weakening of the pelvic muscles and connective tissue — our house just starts to sag a little.

The relationship between bladder control and hormonal balance becomes increasingly important as we get older and transition through menopause. Some of us have been keeping an eye on the bathroom all along the way, but what about the women who never had an awkward leaky moment until their 40’s or 50’s?

This is where dialogue is so important. Talk with your girlfriends and many of them will tell you the stories about their leaks and challenges and how they deal with them (or not!).

There isn’t an easy remedy for urinary incontinence. Gravity, aging, and loss of estrogen are pervasive. But like so many problems with our bodies, we can focus on what we can control — because that’s how we’ll find solutions. With a willingness to engage in conversations and experiment with changes, we open up the door to the potential for improvement and relief. 

Don't let fear keep you from trying a pelvic floor exerciser. It teaches your body to learn to do kegels properly, with the right amount of contraction and relaxation of the muscles. And not only will it help with your leaks, but women with a stronger pelvic floor report an increase in sexual pleasure. Now that's a side effect we can get behind!


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