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It's finally summer vacation! The perfect time for road trips with the family, a girls trips, or a romantic vacation for two. But now you're getting nervous trying to plan around how many stops you'll need to make and creating an itinerary based on access to the bathroom. Sound familiar?

You are not alone; many people who suffer from urine leakage are doing the same thing. But planning your vacation should invoke feelings of excitement and anticipation, not anxiety and stress. You should be looking forward to all of the fun activities not worried what fun activities are going to cause you to leak. 

So how do we change it? Well, you can succumb to your symptoms and make space in your luggage for extra pads and baggy clothes...or you can look at finding a solution for the problem. Surgery? Possibly, but the wait list is long, the fix is not 100%, and unless absolutely necessary, why not try non-invasive treatments before going under the knife. One of the most effective therapies at combating urine leakage, is a pelvic floor exerciser.

Most likely you're familiar with kegel’s. While kegels can be very effective, many of us don’t always do them correctly. Sometimes our muscles are so weak, they can’t even be engaged. Bust more often the case, people engage the wrong muscles. It's also difficult to fully release the muscle once you've managed a contraction. This is where a pelvic floor exerciser comes in.

What is a pelvic floor exerciser? A pelvic floor exerciser (PFE) contracts and relaxes your muscle for you. It uses a vaginal probe and a pre-set program to contract and relax your muscles for 20 minutes a day. It doesn’t hurt and it teaches your body how to do a kegel, and what a kegel should feel like.

Start taking control of your body! Results generally take approximately 4 weeks but have been seen in as little as 2. Get started today and start planning your driest vacation ever!



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