How do Pelvic Floor exercisers work? (PFES)

 How do you use the Elise? Watch this video! The Perfect PFE is the same, but with an extra program for pain. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulators can play a vital role in educating women and men about their pelvic floor and the sensation they should feel when doing pelvic floor exercises. Electrical Pelvic Floor Exercisers (PFES) offer a non-invasive method of producing contraction of muscles via a gentle stimulation to the pelvic floor through a discreet probe or electrode pads when they are placed close to the nerve that controls pelvic floor muscle. This current then passes into the nerve fibres controlling that part of the muscle stimulating it to contract. So electrical stimulation (EMS) artificially activates a muscle for you enabling you to develop your own muscle control. These contractions exercise the muscles and, as with any kind of exercise if performed regularly, build strength and tone.

In urge incontinence pelvic floor exercisers work in a slightly different way. The electrical stimulation is designed to soothe your bladder muscles rather than exercise your pelvic floor. PFES uses a gentler, low frequency setting which promotes release of endorphins and reduces involuntary contractions of the bladder (detrusor) muscles.