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June 2016                                                                                       As a middle aged woman who's had surgery & takes prescribed meds for incontinence (both without 100% success), this was a last-ditch attempt for which I didn't have any great hopes. I'm delighted to say I was wrong - only a few weeks in, & the difference is notable. I've stopped taking my meds & don't need to wear pads every day. After experimenting, I've discovered that, for me, the MIXED program is much less effective. Although it's recommended for cases of urge & stress (like mine) I've got much better results from a daily session of URGE followed by one of STRESS. I've made it part of my nightly routine - I use the exerciser while I'm reading in bed before sleeping - so it doesn't intrude on my life. DO heed the instructions to start at a low setting if you don't have much sensation in the pelvic floor - sensation will come back really quickly & then you can build up the power setting. Learn from my mistake: I was impatient & started off much too high - & the resulting strained muscles meant I had what felt like really bad period pains the next day."       

June 2015 (from a professional referral)                                       This is year a lady she came see me, and told me her mom used the Elise and now she’s so happy and proud that she doesn’t need to have pads at 89 years old ( I think the only one without pads on her residence…).  She used for 3 weeks and almost symptoms disappear , and know she’s use it once a month to be sure that it’s not coming back ( or for something else…).  I told her that she can only use  if symptoms coming back, but apparently she’s ok with the “ prevention “….

May 2015

  • Easy to use
  • Very discreet
  • Comfort is good – the adjustments make is so you control your comfort level based on how you feel that day or how close you are to your cycle… closer to the cycle means more sensitivity
  • Very effective ( at least for me even after the first 2 weeks I noticed a difference )
  • Maintenance and using the TONE function for upkeep is important…   I need to get better at that!
  • The instructions in the book are not as good as the quick instruction guide
  • It was not covered under my extended health – didn’t have a GP note to go with it so they said it was elective.. not required.  No worries!

 5/5 stars March 2015                                                                 Took about 4 weeks to get used to the highest level. But I couldn't rate it high enough. Simple to use, discreet and works! No more looking for the nearest toilets!?

 4/5 stars September 2015
Only just starting using this device, but so far so good. I did over do it on my second session (had the setting too high, caused me to have slight cramps as said in instructions) didn't use for twenty four hours. Now back to lower setting and so far so good. I can feel the difference after only a week of use so I think it will be a good buy in the end. I had been to see a Physio trained in Gynae problems, she was good and gave me a series of exercises to do at home. They worked for a time but it was so tedious and I found I constantly forgot to do them at least twice a day, then found myself in great discomfort when everything dropped so to speak. This machine does all the exercises for you, put the probe in switch it on get your setting right and away it goes for twenty minutes whilst you read a book or watch TV, you only use it once in twenty four hours, EASY. Yes I am please very with the machine so far, a excellent buy and it was on offer so it's a win win situation