Why Should I Exercise My Pelvic Floor Muscles?

Pelvic floor exercises help strengthen and tone your muscle while increasing blood flow to the region.

Strong or toned pelvic floor muscles:

  • support the extra weight of pregnancy,
  • help in the second stage of labour,
  • and assist in healing the perineum between the anus and vagina after birth by increasing circulation

Exercising and maintaining the strength of your pelvic floor is important part of reducing the symptoms of incontinence. When done regularly and correctly, pelvic floor exercises help to prevent stress incontinence, bladder weakness, and prolapse in later life.

Another benefit of carrying out your pelvic floor exercises is that toned pelvic floor muscles can provide women within a greater level of satisfaction during sex by either enhancing or enabling them to experience orgasm. 

If you are struggling to complete pelvic floor exercises on your own, try using a pelvic floor muscle stimulator. 

Pelvic Floor Stimulators send a gentle electrical signal through a vaginal or anal probe which stimulates the pelvic floor muscle, therefore exercising it for you. Results can often be seen and felt in as little as 3 weeks.